If you play No Limit or Pot Limit the amount of money you have determines what hands to play. Before you start playing No Limit or Pot Limit, make sure your bankroll is big enough to survive. Sometimes you have to have a lot more money than you might think.

The goal when playing No Limit or Pot Limit is to take the whole stack when you have the odds on your side and double up. You shouldn’t play many pots, and you shouldn’t have a tight image because then you won’t get paid enough.

You should play as if money doesn’t matter. The attitude you should have to get in the game is to not think that you will lose a little, but that you’re playing to win big stacks.

It’s about personality and skills when deciding how much money to play for. Some can’t play with a big stack and others can’t play with a short stack. Only play at levels where your skill level fits.

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