Here Is The Deal In Video poker

You have heard about it but you do not know how to enjoy it. Video poker is probably one of the most popular casino games there is. A hybrid of elements of luck and poker skills, video poker is a unique and exciting way to enjoy the section of the casino slot machine.

Video poker combines the fun and excitement of slot machine games and the strategizing factors of poker games. Here in video poker, the player gets the same poker experience at the same time that he enjoys the feeling of the game slot machine. Winning does not rely on sheer luck such as in a regular slot machine, but also on the ability of the video poker player to play out the cards they receive.

Playing video poker, the first thing to do is to select the size of the coin to bet and how much the bet will be. The betting can go as high as five times, which is the betting limit. Then, insert the particular amount of currency to the slot in the machine and press the video poker button of the “game”. With this, there will be five cards that will appear on the screen. These cards will show if you have a winning combination that can be compared in the disbursement table.

If not satisfied with the current cards, video poker offers an option where cards can be replaced. To keep a card, press the button below the cards on the screen that corresponds to the card you wish to save. After hitting the “deal” button the video poker machine will replace the other cards that were not selected. The cards will be compared with the payout table of that particular poker machine and if it is one of the winning combinations, the equivalent amount will be added to your credit.

After you have a winning hand, video poker will give you a choice to double the payout or collect your money. If you choose to collect money, press the “Collect” button on the video poker machine.

On some machines you have a chance to double your winnings. To make this press the “double” button if available. Five cards will appear again on your video poker screen. The dealer’s cards will be displayed while the other four will be faced down. The next thing to do is select a card and hold it. If the card you have selected is higher than the dealer’s card, you double your money. If it is a tie, then you could collect your original winnings or select the “double” option again. But if you lose, you also lose your original winnings.

Video poker is challenging and exciting at the same time. It has some risks of losing but it also has a considerable amount of chances to win. Quite true, it is a poker experience that you do not want to miss out on.

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